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Another Bayern’s Torgasmus!


Mario Gòmez and Müller finally celebrating together!

After a convincing victory over Basel (preceded by another admirable win by playing Hoffenheim 7:1) in the Round of 16 of UEFA Champions League, Bayern München keep on his astonishing forward action and annihilate Hertha Berlin as Arjen Robben realizes his first hat-trick of the season after the two past marvellous doppelpacks!

Thanks to a fulminating first 20 minutes die Bayern manage to race into a 3:0 lead through Thomas Müller‘s and König Arjen‘s signatures, both perfectly disposed by a satisfyingly recovered Jupp Heynckes, confined to bed due to fever, and Die Alte Dame will be totally flung out of the clash, even though they may complain about an eventual penalty caused by an initially distract Alaba.

Bayern seem to suit to the tie very well and after getting so closed to the 4th marking the referee accords a pause for the poor Berliners as they totally got hallucinated and the story will never change as Franck Ribèry will gain other two important penalties (realized by King AR and Mario Gòmez) by depredating their whole defence which dangerously teeters.

With this unchanged line-up Bayern striked 20 goals within 3 matches in only one week and, what is a sort of record, and achieve the first away sieg in 2012 for Bundesliga, Hertha, step by step, sadly goes through a wretch relegation.


Hertha BSC Kraft (46. Burchert) – Perdedaj (46. Morales), Hubnik, Janker, Bastians – Lell, Ottl, Niemeyer, Rukavytsya, Ramos (72. Lasogga) – Raffael

FC Bayern Neuer 2 – Lahm 2, Boateng 2, Badstuber 2, Alaba 2.5 – Luiz Gustavo 2, Kroos 1.5 – Robben 1 (70. Pranjic 2), Müller 2 (61. Tymoshchuk 2), Ribéry 1.5 (73. Rafinha 2) – Gomez 2. Bench: Butt, Contento, Usami, Petersen.

Referee: Tobias Welz (Wiesbaden) | 74.244 (sold-out)

Tore: 0:1 Müller (9.), 0:2 Robben (12.), 0:3 Robben (19./Penalty), 0:4 Gomez (50./Penalty), 0:5 Kroos (51.), 0:6 Robben (67./Penalty).


Yellow Cards: Raffael, Hubnik / Boateng




CL-Round of 16 Basel vs Bayern, Preview.


Will Heynckes find the right way back?

Hard mountain to climb, the one facing FC Bayern now, rather than the ones overlooking Heidi‘s cartoon.

After a strong and atlantean beginning in every competition, Bavarians started leaking the compactness which characterized the first riots, and that’s apparently why we lay on the 3rd placement in Bundesliga, 4 points away from our rivals, Borussia Dortmund and one point away from Mönchengladbach. The absolute limit was hit last saturday with the disheartening tie against underdogs SC Freiburg, with an endgame result like 0:0

Bayern may only hope to recapture themselves, otherwise it is supposed to be an easy win for Bebbi guys, which would open them the door for Champions League quarter-finals, and we all know rivalship and the fort conflicts between both FCB, thus we can expect them ready to give everything just in order to let us fall down.

Our new winger for out coming season, Xherdan Shaqiri, is said to be ready to play „the perfect game”. (Hopefully just to show us how Bayern made a great decision for buying him).

The last notable news to signalize is the one who claims Arjen Robben ready to take part of the first Squad invading the field of St. Jakob’s Park.

Auf, Die Roten!




Achtung, Bayern!…FC Zürich vs FC Bayern!


Bayern will try his best this evening, so to the enter in UEFA Champions League. Of course, what Bayern will have to do is to pay attention even the result is for us, this game might bring us €20Mio which we could invest for a new striker, which we will need in the next matches, since Ivica Olic got injured!

FC Zürich!


It didn’t come bad at all for Bayern, who will face FC Zürich in the Champions League Qualifying. Only nice to recommend that we didn’t run the risk to get a good team like Udinese, and we’ll have neither a long trip to get there.


16th or 17th August – FC Bayern – Zürich


23rd or 24th August – Zürich – FC Bayern

Bayern ready for difficult draw!


Tomorrow we all shall know which will be our opponent for the next CL Round. So, those are the candidates:







Have your say about that!

Bayern with confidence turn to 2. Round!…Braunschweig vs Bayern = 0:3!


„The Bayerns" celebrate!


Bayern win the first Round  of DFB Pokal 2010/2011 and with that, achieve the allowance to play the Second Bell of this Competion, conquered by Die Roten for already 15 Times.


FCB did not really show an almight way to play football, which sound to the fans such a far-away keepsake, of what Louis van Gaal’s tacticts consisted in. „The 23.500″ Crowd lying in Eintracht’s Stadion has seen Braunschweig to hand over  Bayern the clash, toward Mario Gòmez‘s , Bastian Schweinsteiger‘s and Thomas Müller‘s executions.

For 8 Mins, that’s how much Blau-Gelb withstood with their pressing, after that Die Bayern have taken the game in a more serious way and that’s also way Reichel couldn’t do anything else except biffing Müller, so that the referee assigns a Penalty for the Bavarian team, perfectly realized by Super Mario. This Scenario repeats itself for the second time, when aye Müller lands at sunset thanks to Boland: It’s penalty, and Schweinsteiger doesn’t forgive, scoring 2:0- Goal.


FCB’s defence still twists (though the 3 newcomers: Manuel Neuer in Goal, Jerome Boateng as Centre-Back and Rafinha at Right-Back) and due to that Jägermeister got their occasions, which they don’t accomplish cynically, so they loose enough aggression  to gain the ball again from Bayern’s players. Noisy match is what spectators followed, until a deviated Schweini’s shoot becomes an assist for the intelligent Müller which captures the ball and throws it into the net as only him knows how to.


According to what we saw yesterday, Lahm‘s switch to left wing gives more nymph to our offensive game, though several players tend to hide themselves with that: Schweinsteiger is ahead. By the way, a nice way to start the season (so not as Leverkusen, Werder Bremen and Wolfsburg, who failed their matches), meanwhile we waiting for both Robben‘s and Ribèry‘s tricks.  Already looking forward to Friday, when we shall know which will be our opponent for the CL-Qualify!




Neuer 3 – Rafinha 3, Boateng 3.5 (Van Buyten 90+1 3.5), Badstuber 4, Lahm 3 – Gustavo 3, Schweinsteiger 3.5 – Müller 2, Kroos 3.5 (Pranjic 88 3), Alaba 3.5 (Tymoshchuk 81 3.5) – Gomez 2. Heynckes 3

Bayern Ultras’ Diktat for Manuel Neuer!


Manuel Neuer must respect some rules (which are written below) made by Bayern Ultras, when he does want to find an agreement with them. That’s what German medias claim today, as they sit together to stand which are the arguments to talk about.

This is what Bayern Fans won’t allow Manuel to do:

1) – You will never sing Bayern songs with the Megaphon!

2) – You will never be with the whole team singing the „Humba”!

3) – You will never be close to „Südkurve”!

4) – You will never launch your jersey to the Kurve!

5) – You will never kiss Bayern’s emblem on the shirt!

Nö, FCB!…FC Bayern 1:2 Hamburger SV!


 No, not in this way. FC Bayern begins its season loosing LIGA Total Cup! and Match against Hamburg SV (and with that, every chance to reach the Final of this  friendly tournament). „Bayern-Premiere” was not how it was supposed to be, destroying half part of the Bayern’s happiness.





Hamburg goes on with Son, fortunately for them, since Manuel Neuer „patzt”, leaving the net, allowing the Korean player Son to launch the Ball into the grid. That’s 0:1 and the game has been played just for 6 Mins, bad star for FCB!


Almost K.O. because of the goal which was totally not deserved for „Die Hanseaten”, Bayern tries to push its luck but neither Ribèry nor Gòmez have it enough to score, so HSV Goalie keeps everything so Bayern still remains at 0 Goals striked.


When Bayern was enough less moralized, HSV comes over again with Diekmeier who perfectly avails Son and he strikes again. It’s 0:2 for HSV.


Bayern keeps over with his shoots but there is nothing to do, it is still the same old story: offensive phase works admirably but the defensive one did bad so that everything is awful and Bayern looses the tie.

Already looking forward to the clash against 1.FSV Mainz 05, which will be played tomorrow!




Neuer 4 – Köz 3.5, Van Buyten 3, Badstuber 4, Lahm 3 – Schweinsteiger 2.5, Luiz Gustavo 3 – Robben 3, Müller 3 (50. Kroos 2), Ribéry 2.5 – Gomez 3.5

Looking for my FCB in Trentino…


Willkommen, FCB!

There are those moments when you just want to leave everything which might bother/hurt you so that you can really enjoy the day of your life. I think it is a nice description about me likely 2 weeks ago (about that, I feel sorry I had problems I have not been able to upload my blog for this long time), whn I have been to Riva del Garda, to see FC Bayern getting ready for the new (hopefully cool) season, which we hope will be our ransom.

Jupp, what do you to to our FCB?

At first, the first thing you can realize is how different Heynckes‘ way of training is, compared to van Gaal’s one, but as they already said, Louis is the past, „Vergangenheit” and we don’t have to speak about it anymore. You can totally see how Jupp Heynckes takes care about the players’ aggression, since you hear them screaming hard during training. That’s how FC Bayern will be, the next year. Stop with ball possession to keep the ball on our side waiting until our opponents get tired of that, FC Bayern will play in a more aggressive way, attacking from the beginning of every game, so it just needs that every player should be angry for the last season, willing for revenge, both in Germany and in Europe.


Look out, players are coming over!

Several German men (but also girls, I have to recommend) were there to support their team though the hot day, and maybe that was also the cause they were so quite, but when the players came over to autograph shirts, jerseys, balls and whatever then everything has changed and it was really hard to be at the first file, stressing I would say. I’m glad I got the autographes I wanted to, and I also have the photo with Arjen Robben!
Lovely experience, which every FCB supporter should try at least once!



A new wind is running at FC Bayern. A wind who had already twice before this, but not for lots of players of this team. „I feel like I stay at home,  either when I am in Munich or when I work for FCB”. Jupp Heynckes, who could have likely the full team only on Friday because of the national teams’ players who were mostly (besides Schweinsteiger!) still on holiday, has also talked about his philosophy of football, concerning the way he wants Bayern to play, as he appreciated Louis van Gaal‘s offensive strategy, but he needs more balance between the attack and the defence.

Surely we won’t see any flaks with journalists who’re too arrogant or hear about people callback ’cause they didn’t call the trainer saying „his majesty!”.