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Bundesliga Preview – 34. Spieltag 2011: Bayern v Stuttgart – Go ahead, FCB! There is still a target to hit!


We can finally say this blood-and-thunder season is ending up, obviously in a way we wouldn’t have ever hoped  which however was almost easy to predict because of the tons of mistakes which were done during last summer.

However, we haven’t missed the last UEFA Champions League card and we have even another goal: to get the second place, which would mean avoiding the 2 tiresome Champions League Qualification games.

Yeah, because if Leverkusen will loose in Freiburg (come on Cissè!) and we will do it against Stuttgart, we will automatically get it. Hopefully that our king of goals, Mario Gòmez, will be still hungry for goals enough to win the „Tor-Kanone”.

MIA SAN MIA: so never to give up!

Ribèry won’t play as he isn’t allowed to, however Andries Jonker has a near full strenght squad as just also Olic, Altintop and Breno (who has got injured this week) will miss the match. Thankful Stuttgart too will have their missing.

This should be the starting squad:

Butt; Lahm, Van Buyten, Luiz Gustavo, Contento; Tymoschtschuck, Schweinsteiger; Robben, Müller, Klose; Gòmez.


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