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At least we won the „Süd-Gipfel”!…FC Bayern v Stuttgart = 2:1!


 In this way Bayern Munich ends its season, beating Stuttgart (which doesn’t happen seldom). An aimless „sieg”, as Leverkusen did it against Freiburg (thankful Balitsch‘s signature). So, this result, escorted with Bayer‘s win, means that München have ended up at the third place on 65 points.

The 69.000 from Allianz Arena saw their team earning an as entertaining as delightful victory over Stuttgart, showing them who is the sheer boss at least in the South (hopefully just for this year).

The interim coach Jonker decided to make some changes, above all the choice to put on the bench the terrible Toni Kroos (which has been absolutely awful this season). Before the match, the afternoon at the Arena started with bouquet and farewells as Ottl and Kraft are going to leave for Berlin. I am pretty sure we won’t feel their missing the next year.

Savagely, the first Bayern’s attendance wearing the new red-gold shirt doesn’t start in the best way so before Okazaki‘s and Pogrebnyak‘s testing for Butt were caught them all (in the while Klose clearly failed an easy goal when he was less than 10cm far from the net), Stuttgart overtook FCB as the first one enfiladed Butt.

Afore the first half, Mario Gòmez (serviced perfectly by Arjen Robben) strikes the useful goal for Munich and came within his 28. goal (which leads him to win the Tor-Kanone).

The second-half is kind of a friendly match and Bayern strikes again going ahead deservedly as Schweinsteiger inserts the ball into the grid, all assisted by Toni Kroos who was used to replace the luckless Klose.

So we shall have to attend the Qualification Games for UEFA CL, hopefully not against Man City or Udinese.


Butt 6.5 – Lahm 6, Van Buyten 6, Badstuber 5.5, Contento 5.5 – Tymoshchuk 5.5 (Ottl 65, 6), Schweinsteiger 6.5 – Robben 6.5, Klose 5.5 (Kroos 65 6), Müller 6 – Gomez 6.5 (Pranjic 87 5.5)

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  1. douglas71 permalink
    15/05/2011 7:42 AM

    Sadly with the LEVERKUSEN victory we must do the Early Stage of CHAMPIONS LEAGUE where we risk to meet: VILLAREAL, MANCHESTER CITY or UDINESE…

  2. 15/05/2011 9:36 PM

    That might be difficult, obviously, but if our Board decides to invest we shall do great things for sure! 😀

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