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Proud of our jewish past!


Instead of trading for nice players, Killer Kalle preferes to organize Meeting like the last one with the representative of the Jewish Community in Germany, saying that FC Bayern should be proud of their jewish past..but he never talks about the present (or the future ?). And meanwhile according to German papers, Bayern will end his transfermarkt on June, 20 and we’re just looking for shitty players like Rafinha (from Genoa, where he totally failed!), or shits like him.

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  1. 29/05/2011 9:59 PM

    If you can judge a supporter just about the matches he watched live, well I think you should start to get in what consists loving a football team. The „biggest mong on the web” upload a post every day on his blog, and I can absolutely pledge that It is not that easy and we can support our team though we live far from Munich. I don’t know who you are, and I don’t care, but what do you earn from insulting people on these spaces ? I always think about my team and I get news (as lots of supporters in Italy, in Germany and everywhere do) when I can, I don’t really live for football, there are also some other things to do in the life.

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