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Real Madrid All Stars – FC Bayern All Stars = 8:3!



FC Bayern München All Stars has lost the friendly Match against Real Madrid All Stars on a badly high final score, 8:3. However, we should not care that much about the result as it was just a match for a really good cause. In fact, money which will have gained from this match, are going to Africa to build new schools and new Sport centers!


Talking about the tie, it was a quite lovely game, supposing that fans of each team had their loads of fun as they have seen their teams scoring a total of 11 Goals. That was a nice chance for young supporters to see the myths of their team playing a football match again, even though they are ancient now. Zinedine Zidane has just showed (and still has to) his skills which would be enough even currently (too trash players in nowadays teams!), unfortunately for him he has just not scored, and Luis Figo claimed his popular renown. What about Ruben De la Red ? The Man who stopped playing football because of cardiological problems, today he has scored a penalty and hit the crossbar. Though the two penalties the referee has given which were really unfair, Merengues, Madrid clearly deserved its victory.


On the other hand, there is our FCB, with our well-known stars as Elber, Makaay, Paulo Sergio (who has striked two magnificent goals!), Brehme, Breitner & so on., who, though the age, they made us happy for hour and half!

You might want to watch the highlights of the match, so…enjoy it!


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