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Grüß Gott, Manuel Neuer!


After the tiring game against Azerbaijan, Manuel Neuer has come to Munich where he passed successfully the obligatory medical. That was a really important day for our new Goalie of course, and even if he didn’t rest much time he spent in the best way this as he also visited the City (but maybe he’s already known it, thankful to his girlfriend ?) and ate in a well-known restaurant in Munich with Christian Nerlinger, and after that he signed and showed his new shirt which was obviously object of lots of photos. He reported that he is delighted of this new experience in Munich and is acutally looking forward to start trainings and so on (adding that he’s glad to be the goalkeeper of the best club in Germany, his Nation)!  He also admitted that he will try his best to make an agreement with all Schickeria Fans (which I’m pretty sure they will forget everything after the first well played match).

So Manuel, we’re all totally up to you, you know you’ve already aquainted with lots of players in the team so that you won’t need much time to get well! And we want to see you in the popular Lederhosen (you said you already have it)!

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