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Looking for my FCB in Trentino…


Willkommen, FCB!

There are those moments when you just want to leave everything which might bother/hurt you so that you can really enjoy the day of your life. I think it is a nice description about me likely 2 weeks ago (about that, I feel sorry I had problems I have not been able to upload my blog for this long time), whn I have been to Riva del Garda, to see FC Bayern getting ready for the new (hopefully cool) season, which we hope will be our ransom.

Jupp, what do you to to our FCB?

At first, the first thing you can realize is how different Heynckes‘ way of training is, compared to van Gaal’s one, but as they already said, Louis is the past, „Vergangenheit” and we don’t have to speak about it anymore. You can totally see how Jupp Heynckes takes care about the players’ aggression, since you hear them screaming hard during training. That’s how FC Bayern will be, the next year. Stop with ball possession to keep the ball on our side waiting until our opponents get tired of that, FC Bayern will play in a more aggressive way, attacking from the beginning of every game, so it just needs that every player should be angry for the last season, willing for revenge, both in Germany and in Europe.


Look out, players are coming over!

Several German men (but also girls, I have to recommend) were there to support their team though the hot day, and maybe that was also the cause they were so quite, but when the players came over to autograph shirts, jerseys, balls and whatever then everything has changed and it was really hard to be at the first file, stressing I would say. I’m glad I got the autographes I wanted to, and I also have the photo with Arjen Robben!
Lovely experience, which every FCB supporter should try at least once!

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