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CL-Round of 16 Basel vs Bayern, Preview.


Will Heynckes find the right way back?

Hard mountain to climb, the one facing FC Bayern now, rather than the ones overlooking Heidi‘s cartoon.

After a strong and atlantean beginning in every competition, Bavarians started leaking the compactness which characterized the first riots, and that’s apparently why we lay on the 3rd placement in Bundesliga, 4 points away from our rivals, Borussia Dortmund and one point away from Mönchengladbach. The absolute limit was hit last saturday with the disheartening tie against underdogs SC Freiburg, with an endgame result like 0:0

Bayern may only hope to recapture themselves, otherwise it is supposed to be an easy win for Bebbi guys, which would open them the door for Champions League quarter-finals, and we all know rivalship and the fort conflicts between both FCB, thus we can expect them ready to give everything just in order to let us fall down.

Our new winger for out coming season, Xherdan Shaqiri, is said to be ready to play „the perfect game”. (Hopefully just to show us how Bayern made a great decision for buying him).

The last notable news to signalize is the one who claims Arjen Robben ready to take part of the first Squad invading the field of St. Jakob’s Park.

Auf, Die Roten!




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  1. ULI NON SI TOCCA permalink
    28/03/2012 4:31 PM

    il tifosotto col culo attaccato alla poltrona ripete sempre le stesse cose, che ppppppppppppppalle!!!

    Tu scemo perchè cancelli i messaggi? ti stai dimostrando un leccaculo di quel coglionazzo che tifa squadre rivali Tedesche che ci odiano.
    Siete vergognosi.

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