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Little story.

At first, this might appear as one blog which is started with nice plans but he will know his end in less than few days. I might pledge you it won’t work in this way.
As you should be capable to get, this is going to be a sort of site about what is running at Bayern München. Not exactly, however. I want to feed this as kind of free space where i can put my opinion about FCB into.
I think I have to write that I’m not a positive person, and it may be sad to say that i can always find the negative side of everything. Anyway, when I get to like that, I am almost a huge fan of that at all. That’s why I’ve always supported Louis van Gaal  during his time in Munich and I believe that it wasn’t really the time to change trainer, or at least, picking up Jupp Heynckes is totally awful, especially when you already have a high quality trainer as LvG.
And yes, as I was saying, I don’t stand some decisions of our Board. For me, it’s actually hard to get some choices of them, specially about the transfermarket policy.
Hopefully I’ll get readers and posts!

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